High-quality goods project /Construction of Dataing

Jiangsu old do high-quality goods project involving housing construction group、The city、The foundation、Steel structure、Decoration、Construction labor services、Real estate development、Building materials production、Doors and Windows production、The new technology application、Property leasing

  • Housing project

    A house

    Jiangsu great talents construction group have housing construction project construction general contracting level qualification,Group can undertake single sussing out the contracts can not exceed the registered capital of the enterprise5The Times of building construction:(1)40Layer and below、The housing construction project of all kinds of span;(2)Height240Rice and the following structures;(3)The construction area20Thousands of square meters and below the residential area or building group。

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  • Municipal excellent project

    The city

    Group municipal engineering company is the approval of housing and urban-rural development of municipal public engineering general contracting grade enterprise,Has the city road、Bridges、The tunnel、Housing construction、The public square、The water supply、Drainage or sewage treatment、City lights、Gas or heat、City life garbage disposal engineering ability of comprehensive construction。The company passed the international quality management system、Engineering construction construction enterprise quality management standard system certification。

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  • Based on high-quality goods project

    The foundation

    Jiangsu old do foundation engineering construction group co., LTD. Was established1990Years,Has the foundation and foundation project specialized contracting grade qualification、The company has passedISO9000Quality system certification。Has the abundant technical force、The advanced construction equipment and a number、Senior technical titles of technical backbone,Have a large number of experienced professional and technical personnel of construction。

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  • Steel structure project

    Steel structure

    Jiangsu old do steel structure construction group company,Is not big in jiangsu construction group belongs to the steel structure housing system of specialized production enterprise,Company is mainly engaged in steel structure design of the building、Production、Production、The construction and other integrated services,The main products are“Light steel structure、Chongqing steel structure、Tube structure、CSteel、Cross sectionHSteel, etc。

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  • Decoration high-quality goods project


    Jiangsu great talents construction group, decoration engineering co., LTD., relying on its own unremitting efforts and strength,Successively complete interior decoration engineering、Outdoor decoration engineering、Curtain wall decoration engineering、Public decoration engineering decoration design、Decoration construction as one of the large-scale comprehensive decoration enterprise with the administrative management department、The office、Graphic design department、The engineering department、Quality inspection department、Market service department、The finance department、After-sales service department, etc。

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  • Real estate project

    Real estate

    Nanjing broad Lin attached jiangsu old do construction group real estate development co., LTD,Since the company formed qi ya ju village has successively developed a day(3Square meters)、Da fu yuan a day30House phase ii12The tall building(12Square meters)、Jiangning gainesville after building community(11Thousands of square meters)、Jiangning tao Wu Shi dam rehabilitation of community(6Square meters)、Jiangning economic and technological development zone - too、Dong Lin road into the development of a high-rise commercial buildings, and other projects。

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  • Quality engineering technology application

    Technology application

    Great talents construction group co., LTD in jiangsu research center is responsible for the development of the new type of prefabricated construction,And directly into the construction of relevant technology,Effectively improve the group's production efficiency,The use of prefabricated construction technology will greatly enhance the group's core competitiveness,Now go into mass production。

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  • Environmental protection building materials quality engineering

    Environmental protection building materials

    Nanjing xing tao forecast products co., LTD., affiliated to jiangsu old do construction group co., LTD,Give priority to with producing green energy-saving environmental protection wall materials,The total investment3800Ten thousand yuan,Covers an area of45m,Production workshop12000Square meters,Company production of various specifications of autoclaved aerated concreteALCLightweight wall panel、Block、Secondary mechanisms of reinforced concrete flat pipe and socket、Concrete standard brick、Concrete porous brick,The product model is complete。

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